Welcome to The Billionaire Bears Club.

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About Us

Welcome to The Billionaire Bears Club, the home for all like-minded individuals that want to make generational wealth for themselves and their families.

What is The Billionaire Bears Club?

Are we a holding company? Are we an investment pool? Are we a social club? We are all of the above and more. The world is full of opportunities and widely profitable ventures. We are here to share our findings with like-minded people so that everyone can benefit and build themselves a financially free future.


Meet The Team

Sam Du Preez


Tiaan Du Plessis


Quinette Dreyer

Graphic Designer


Frequently asked questions

  • We got into the NFT world when everything was still hyped and not sustainable, with all the rug pulls and fake claims we lost quite a bit of money. Sam and myself got together and said there has to be a way to implement a true growing and sustainable model into NFT's, and with that thought in mind we created something special called “The Billionaire Bears Club”.

  • Both co-founders come from a strong business background. As business owners and entrepreneurs we bring our innovative spirit to the NFT space with a hint of professionalism. Our combined experience of almost 20 years in the crypto space has taught us patience and consistency. Furthermore it has made us knowledgeable in the field.

  • 1. Shared vision
    2. Complete transparency
    3. Dedication
    4. Innovation

  • The Billionaire Bears Club is a social and environmental network of like-minded individuals, who strive to bring innovation, decentralization and education to all. Creating equal opportunities to all and boosting economy by investing in global change projects. We will achieve this goal by generating sustainable and growing income to support our vision.

  • 1. Our business model is the first of its kind within the NFT space
    2. Our innovation and technology used within the project makes us leaders in the field
    3. Our experience in the relevant fields gives us a strong advantage
    4. Our vision and goals sets us completely apart from other projects.

  • Empowering people to reach their goals through education and investments, thus making a large shift in the global economy and ecosystem by creating jobs, and investing in high tech solutions for global change.

  • 1. To create a strong community with like-minded individuals.
    2. To see our members, prosper.
    3. To create equal educational opportunities for members.
    4. To support and promote artists in music, art and design.
    5. To come together for events for our collective social and mental well-being

  • 1. To facilitate the global shift needed for decentralization and aggregating a helpful willingness to investing in securing the next generations cleaner environment for their future.
    2. Investing, innovating and supporting the artists to reach a new global audience

  • 1. Decentralization in otherwise very centralized fields to create opportunity for all.
    2. Facilitating a greener future.
    3. Financial redistribution without restrictions.
    4. Empowering & guiding young entrepreneurs
    5. Empowering & supporting aspiring independent artists to reach new heights

  • We as a group are involved in many different ventures to further this cause. We also give daily free educational spaces for the community and some work tirelessly in the #ReFi project field to help reach our goals.

  • In the country I live in, education is a difficult and expensive thing to acquire and that created an uneducated generation living off government subsidiaries which created a lack of opportunity for those willing to put the time and effort in to better themselves, thus creating a decade with no innovation or motivation. The NFT and crypto world using blockchain technology has shed light on these misdeeds and inspired us to change the mind-sets of the next generation.

  • We have the following innovations in place to help us reach this goal:
    1. Weekly twitter spaces to on-board and educate new and curious minds to web3
    2. Work closely with refi projects as consultants
    3. Give daily educational spaces to anyone who would like to join in for free
    4. Invest in projects designed to further our cause
    5. We will accept, nurture and guide anyone as long as they have the same mind set, vision and goals.

  • 1. Yes, in collaboration with a women driven project we run weekly twitter spaces to educate & on-board women to web3
    2. We host daily educational spaces to help newcomers learn how to navigate the crypto, NFT & web3 spaces.
    3. We also do weekly crypto, NFT & web3 news updates for the community to keep them informed.

  • We will implement the mint in segments.
    1. All whitelist members will be able to mint at a discounted rate in the pre-sale with a guaranteed successful mint for each & will be limited to 3 mints per wallet. This will create more availability for more members to mint during public sale.
    2. All wallets will be limited to 10 mints each during the public sale to ensure fair distribution to all.
    3. Whitelist members are chosen by means of criteria specified within our discord channel to ensure fair access to a guaranteed pre-sale mint as well as equal opportunity to obtain a NFT.
    4. After mint, 2 people will be chosen for a special air drop and they will be known as the VIP members, the criteria to gain entrance into this is also specified within discord server.
    5. We also have NFT’s with a special trait. These will be entered into the candy machine and distributed randomly. Those who find this trait within their NFT will automatically be added to thebbc.io DAO.

  • Let’s start with the name and break it down: “The Billionaire Bears Club”

    • Referrers to a membership of an organisation driven for purpose and that is what we are, a community driven by passion and vision to reach a common goal.

    • Known for their strength, knowledge and hibernation. We are no different. We have the strength and determination to build a successful enterprise. We have the experience and qualifications that give us the knowledge to achieve these goals. And when it comes to hibernation, it refers to being a “bear” in the business and create a self-sustainable ecosystem and business model that produces passive income & requires little to no intervention.

    • Although the word refers to wealth, please do not see this as another "buy this and get rich" project. We are using the word to refer to the lateral sense of the word meaning too many to count or high achieving.

    The full name therefore refers to a collective group of people with the same mind-set and goal to achieve the biggest impact imaginable.

    Now let's get to the artwork:
    We chose the bear as we were in the beginning stages of a bear market when we first started the project. The bears in our NFT all went to the gym and have huge bulging muscles to symbolise hard work, effort and give a strong presence. This was no accident and was chosen to show that even in a weak market, with some creativity, hard work and effort, you can still make promising returns with us.

  • Although our technique has been used for many other projects, each NFT is hand drawn. This process, although time consuming, assures our buyers that each NFT is unique. As we are not an art collection, but rather a utility based project we thought it best to stick with a general theme.

  • 1. We envision this project to have definitely grown and become a globally well-known brand over the next 5 years with a strong community.
    2. We also see this project expanding drastically with the launch of our metaverse and reaching a global audience with numerous new partners within the wealth, music, education and #ReFi sectors.

  • 1. Our first steps after mint will be to implement our growth plan. This will ensure all investments, trading pools and royalties will grow on a monthly basis
    2. Then we will launch the metaverse with all our partners and grow that organically
    3. We will then keep looking into new investments for the community and expansions for the metaverse.

  • As the metaverse evolves and the technology around it evolves we will adapt and adjust. We are also looking into cultivating a #ReFi project, as well as organized real world events that embody our vision. There is no limit to the scope of things we can do with what we are building.

  • We will be setting up a community DAO to help structure future plans, find new routes of investment and direction of the project. We love collaborating with everyone regarding the direction of the project, we are after all a NFT & Metaverse project built by the people for the people.

  • 1. Building a strong community
    2. Launching the genesis version
    3. Finishing and launching the metaverse
    4. To keep growing and building


2 lucky members within the discord community will receive VIP status. Benefits of VIP status are laid out below.

  • Receive your own trading package worth $1000
  • Receive a special 1/6 collection NFT
  • Be eligible for ALL future airdrops
  • Be automatically entered into ALL giveaways
  • Be automatically added as DAO members


Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Look out for the special trait on your NFT to gain automatic early access to the DAO community. Thereafter, only qualifying holders will receive DAO status.


Check out our utilities

Trading Pool Royalties

We have partnered with a global company which will be responsible for this utility. We will setup a $500 000 trading account where there is an average 20% monthly return. You, our bear holders will be eligible for 100% share of these returns. This will be distributed to each holder directly to their Solana wallet. This will be a game changer in the NFT world. With the support of their 300 000+ global community and you, our loyal Bears, we will take this project to the moon and further.

Secondary Market Royalties

With the support of our loyal bears and future bears wanting to join, we will have a busy secondary market which makes way for some steady income. The royalties of these sales will go into the DAO for further investment to further grow the earning potential for the community. We want our community to grow and together we will all grow.

Merchandise Royalties

We will be launching "The Billionaire Bears Club" brand and have various merchandise a available. These will be dropped to a few lucky and loyal members. The royalties of these sales will also go into the DAO for further investment to further grow the earning potential for the community.


You will also be able to stake your nft in the future and benefit from an income. We are all about multiple streams of income as that is the way of the future

Alpha Group

Thanks to another collaboration, we will have an alpha group setup for a select few. Members in this group will get free air drops from other projects and free whitelist spots in other upcoming projects.

The BBC Coin

We will launch The BBC coin on the open exchange

The Metaverse

The BBC Presents a Metaverse Marketplace

What it’s all about

The Billionaire Bears Club will monetize this metaverse with their own signature ISO coin, this coin will be used within the whole metaverse and can be exchanged from thebbc minting labs into any other major crypto coin on the open market for withdrawal and conversion to desired fiat currency bank accounts by the owner of the in metaverse wallet.

The Metaverse will consist of an island containing a minting lab, 5 000 office buildings as NFT stores, 10 boardrooms for meetings, 30 Billboards, 1 dome for live music concerts and so much more!


Our Co-lab Partners

Sammit Technologies

At SAMMIT TECHNOLOGIES, we believe that your IT requirements should be supported by experienced professionals. Based in Durban SOuth Africa, with 12 years experience in the IT industry we are able to fulfill all of your IT requirements and needs.

Music for Mental Wealth

Our aim is to empower musicians to share their stories and encourage open conversations around mental health.


Metavisionaries STARlaunch collection comprises 10,000 tokens and voyages us through galaxies, to outer space so we experience the world from above, where borders are invisible, where racial, religious and economic strife are nowhere to be seen. There are no boundaries on our planet except those that we create in our minds or through human behaviors.

Success Express

Since our inception over 12 years ago, Success Express has fast become a leading hub for artists and audiences alike. Our DNA and passion for community have helped bring like-minded people together, and together, we have all created one positive voice within the independent music and arts scene. Whether it’s providing artists with a platform to grow and flourish, or cultivating exciting events and new landscapes for audiences to discover a new wave of unique artists, venues and friends. Success Express is a supportive, honest and collaborative platform, providing a beating heart for the creative community.

Harmonious World

Cecilia Pagkalinawan

We're refugees of corporate environments where our creativity and talents were constrained. It's time to put our lives in balance and work with brands that make people smile, feel better, and are good for the planet.

Charlie Art

Metaverse Art Gallery

Within the BCC Metaverse the CharlieART gallery / shop / Education hub would be an extension of the artists existing Metaverse / Web3 presence to include an innovative self designed gallery space where works can be viewed and collected in a new and interesting way. To potentially include possible wearable merchandise and a linked NFT display. Alongside the main space will be an educational hub where art / design / product related classes or meetings could be held where / when required.

Skull Store

We are here to create NFTs that would be useful and entertaining for everyone.

Russel Swallow

With a sound that mixes and perfectly balances more pop and rock elements with electronic textures, "Sunrise Sunrise" got into me as soon as it started playing. Perhaps it was because of Russell's incredible voice or the delicious groove of the melody. Or the addictive bass line, the colorful and joyful synths. Or because of that delicious guitar riff later on that resulted in an extraordinary and surprising moment.


We are a creative agency that specialises in digital marketing, product promotion, content creation, product design and bespoke events.

Lounges TV

Live Streams and on-demand video platform. Pay-per view. Get paid within 24 hours.

Quilt Chat

We provide a human element to the blockchain by allowing users to socialise and transact, securely and anonymously across the crypto space.


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Durban, South Africa

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